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SilPac Gas Valve Manifold Boxes

Valve Manifold Boxes & Specialty Gas Manifolds

SilPac designs and manufactures valve manifold boxes (VMB) for both inert and hazardous gas applications. Our valve manifold boxes can help reduce your overall costs and built with compact footprints for an efficient use of space in your facility.

We offer standard manual gas boxes, as well as manual gas boxes with pneumatic ESO valves and life safety controllers. 4- and 8-stick configurations are available.

We also offer gas sticks and gas stick assemblies that allow for gas distribution through multiple outputs from a single-source supply without the need for a gas valve box enclosure.

Request a quote on the valve manifold box you need. Contact SilPac to learn more.

Custom Gas Valve Manifolds for Any Industry

If our standard 4- or 8-stick valve manifold box assemblies do not meet your application and/or performance requirements, the SilPac team can create a custom solution that matches your specifications. Custom gas boxes are configured to accommodate your specific needs for:

  • Gas type
  • Flow rate
  • Delivery pressure

Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

Benefits of SilPac Valve Manifold Boxes

  • Safe & Dependable Gas Distribution: Safety is the most important thing when you’re working with dangerous gases. We designed out VMBs to offer safety and reliability that you and your employees can count on.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Because they are designed to minimize downtime, our valve manifold boxes help reduce costs associated with work stoppages.
  • Versatility: SilPac gas valve boxes can be configured for any application. Our engineers can help you achieve the set-up that benefits you best.
  • Front-Mounted Design: Complete repairs or maintenance quickly thanks to a front-mounted design that provides easy access to components.
  • Tested & Certified: All our valve manifold box assemblies are fully functioned and leak tested with certification.

SilPac Facility

Purity is a top concern for our clients. With that in mind, we manufacture our valve manifold boxes in a Class 100 cleanroom, ensuring that our assemblies are completely free of contamination. With manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas, we can serve clients all around the world.

Industries We Serve

While a significant percentage of our customers are in the semiconductor industry, we have extensive experience serving a range of industries, including government, aerospace, biopharm, and solar. We also provide gas boxes for universities with large research facilities.

Contact SilPac

We respond to customer communications within 24 hours. Request a quote or contact SilPac to learn more about our gas valve box assemblies.