Gas Pressure Regulators

We distribute and stock a full line of standard and customized gas pressure regulators for high purity and industrial applications. APTech designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art gas regulators for bulk processing to point of use.

Our expertise and technical knowledge of gas pressure regulators allows for creative and custom solutions for a variety of market segments to meet the needs of a diverse global market.

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Customized Gas Pressure Regulators

The experts at SilPac can provide customized gas regulators that are tailored to your specific application and performance requirements. We will work with you to develop the perfect solution for your unique needs. Contact us to discuss customized regulators.

How Do Gas Regulators Work?

Gas pressure regulators are comprised of three key components that work together to provide accurate pressure control.

  • Loading Mechanism: A pressure regulator’s loading mechanism determines its delivery pressure. As the adjustment knob is tightened or loosened, an interior spring compresses or expands, and communicates with sensing technology to modify outlet pressure through the control element.
  • Sensing Element: The sensing element senses changes in the pressure on the spring in the process described above. Pressure regulators utilize elastomer or metal diaphragms (varies by model) to communicate these changes to the control element.
  • Control Element: This valve is the mechanism that actually modifies the gas regulator’s inlet/outlet pressure. As the loading mechanism displaces the sensing element, it pushes on or retreats from the control element, causing the control element to move in the regulator seat. This expands or contracts the opening to regulate pressure.

Common Applications for Gas Regulators

Thanks to innovative technology and durable construction, pressure regulators find use in a limitless variety of industries and applications. Our pressure regulators meet stringent requirements for performance and reliability, making them ideal for even the most demanding operations. Common industry applications include:

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As direct distributors of APTech gas pressure regulators, SilPac has access to the best quality, best performing equipment on the market. We can provide the high purity regulators, industrial regulators, and electronic regulators you need, as well as valves, fittings, and other gas handling solutions.

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