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Nel M Series Hydrogen Generators

As the percentage of renewable energy supply to the electricity grid increases, the ability to match the intermittent supply with demand becomes increasingly problematic for power plant operators. In fact as the deployment meets and exceeds 20% capacity, which some countries, and regions within countries already experience, grid balancing issues become acute leading to the curtailment of wind. This is driving the need for long term, large scale energy storage solutions.

With the addition of the M Series product to the portfolio, Nel is continuing its successful history of deploying safe and reliable Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis products at relevant scale, for emerging and traditional markets. The M Series is an innovative, ground-breaking product that has the ability to integrate renewable sources of generation, convert surplus electricity to produce hydrogen, and store that hydrogen as energy for future use. The product is sized at a scale that can accept one and two megawatts (MWs) of power and produce almost 1000 kilograms of hydrogen per day. That hydrogen can be injected into the natural gas grid (Power-to-Gas), used for biogas upgrading, fuel hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and industrial applications. The modular and scalable M Series platform makes it an easy option for project managers looking for a solution that will satisfy their energy storage needs, whether at two MWs or larger.

The product was developed with rapid, dynamic response in mind, so that it can adjust to the intermittent nature of renewable energy input. The product can use surplus renewable power and convert it to hydrogen which can be stored for long periods for subsequent use as a fuel for heat, mobility or power generation. Unlike traditional storage technologies, Power-to-Gas provides the means to both store and transport energy. Utilizing existing storage facilities like the natural gas pipeline network and associated underground storage facilities, the stored energy can be discharged where and when it is needed most.

Nel M Series Hydrogen Generator Specifications

Nominal Production Rate
246 Nm3/h
9.352 SCF/h
531 kg/24 h
400 Nm3/h
18.704 SCF/h
1,062 kg/24 h
Purity (concentration of impurities)
99.95% [H2O < 500 ppm, N2 < 2 ppm, O2 < 1 ppm, all others undetectable]
Purity (concentration of impurities
with optional high purity dryer)
ISO 14687:2019(E) Type I, Type II Grade D and SAE J-2719 Type I Grade L
99.9995% [H2O < 5 ppm, N2 < 2 ppm, O2 < 1 ppm, all others undetectable]
Delivery Pressure - Nominal 
30 barg (435 psig); full differential pressure H2 over O2

Nel M Series Spec Sheet

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