Porvair GasPro Filters - (TEM Filters)

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Porvair (TEM) Filters for High-Purity Gas Delivery Systems

Porvair GasPro Filters (TEM Filters) is a domestic manufacturer and one of the first to utilize Teflon membrane technology, electro-polished housings, and unique metal medias. These features are now the standard for most high-purity systems filter manufacturers. Porvair (TEM) Filters offer products in Teflon, stainless steel, and nickel mediums that are economically priced, have high efficiency and have low-pressure drops. Their flexible and streamline manufacturing processes allow for customization and non-standard applications for gas delivery systems. This streamline manufacturing allows for some of the shortest lead times in the industry. SilPac’s consumable inventory includes these cost-effective Porvair GasPro Filters (TEM Filters) with a wide range of connections and flow rates.

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