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GasFlo® CGA Connections & Specialty Gas Components Distributor

GasFlo® is a manufacturer of CGA connections and specialty gas components. This complete line of cylinder connections includes international standards such as Compressed Gas Association (CGA), Deutscher Institute Für Normung (DIN), Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) and British Standards Institution (BSI). SilPac offers these in a range of connection types to complete your gas delivery systems, including but not limited to; welded tube stub, pipe thread, compression, and face seal connections. GasFlo® understands the unique requirements of the specialty gas industry and has partnered with SilPac as their west coast distribution center which supports manufacturers, distributors, and individual end users.

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CGA & DISS Connections, Diaphragm Valves & More

SilPac’s inventory for GasFlo® components includes cylinder and gas connections caps/plugs, gaskets, RFO’s, and multiple adaptors that are available in several materials, to meet your gas delivery system requirements. GasFlo® components are manufactured in the United States employing years of engineering and manufacturing experience to provide the highest quality products and customer satisfaction.

For more information, please utilize the gas assignment table as a reference.

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