Industrial Gas Regulators

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Pressure Regulators for Your Gas Delivery System

We provide expertise in a variety of specialty gas management applications. Industrial gas regulators can help you manage your gas delivery system for safe and reliable process performance. SilPac delivers innovative solutions for challenging industrial applications—including high pressure regulators, low pressure regulators, and absolute and back pressure regulators—to meet the most demanding gas delivery system requirements.

Industrial Gas Regulator Options

As a long time supplier to the government and key contractors, TESCOM industrial gas regulators conform to stringent military/aerospace and international standards. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

Low Pressure Regulators

Designed for applications under 3,000 psi, low pressure regulators are also ideal for use as sub-atmospheric or back pressure regulators. These specialized industrial gas regulator models are available with a variety of actuator styles to give you the best performance for your application. We can provide a low pressure regulator in stainless steel, brass, Monel, aluminum, or other materials, as your process requires.

High Pressure Regulators

Our high pressure regulator models are designed to reduce and regulate gas delivery system pressures as high as 20,000 psi. These regulators are available with multiple actuator styles to give you the best performance option for your specific needs. High pressure regulators can be supplied in stainless steel, brass, Monel, and other materials to meet your application and performance requirements.

Electronic Regulators

With a microprocessor-driven PID controller (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) electropneumatic regulators provide high-precision control of algorithmic pressure. These regulators can be used as standalone controls for industrial gas delivery systems up to 100 psig (6.9 bar), or with a pneumatically-actuated regulator to control systems up to 30,000 psig (2,068 bar). Multiple connection and interface options provide versatility for a broad range of gas delivery system applications.

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SilPac’s knowledge in specialty gas delivery system components enables us to provide the perfect solution for your unique application. We also offer high purity gas regulators, electronic regulators, and more.

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