DV3 (High Flow Series)

GTC's ultra-high purity DV3 diaphragm valve "high-flow" series is offered in manual and pneumatic for high flow applications with optional multiple port configurations.

Please contact us with your particular specifications and gas handling needs.


GTC High Purity DV3 Series Diaphragm Value Features

  • Springless Metal Diaphragm Design
  • Serviceable, Modular Valves with Replaceable Seats
  • Pneumatic N.C. Actuators with Pop-Up Status Indicators
  • Manual Actuators with Metal Handles, Positive Stops, and LOTO
  • Hybrid Valve H10 Requires Both Manual and Pneumatic to Open
  • Multi-port Configurations; 13 standard porting configurations
  • High Temp (400F) Option Available for C3, K10, and K30 Valves