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Nel Hydrogen Gas Generators

Nel hydrogen gas generators provide an ideal and effective way to create hydrogen gas within the confines of your warehouse or laboratory. A hydrogen cooling generator can provide research-grade 99.999% pure hydrogen gas that does not contain any impurities beyond trace amounts of water moisture, nitrogen, and oxygen, all of which are well below the levels of negative impact. Additionally, advanced research and development has provided safer, greener, more efficient and cost-effective means of generating on-demand hydrogen gas for laboratory, manufacturing and industrial applications.

Advantages of Utilizing a Hydrogen Generator

A hydrogen cooling generator provides a safe, convenient and cost-effective way to produce hydrogen gas that is consistently pure and free of foreign substances. Hydrogen generation systems are also less expensive over the long-run when compared with regular bulk delivery. Since there is no need for scheduled truck deliveries, a hydrogen gas generator also reduces your laboratory or warehouses’ carbon footprint. Some additional industrial hydrogen generator benefits, include:
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Space-saving
  • Convenient
  • Flexible

Get Better Results with PEM On-site Hydrogen Generation

Laboratory practitioners need a carrier gas they can count on. But supplies of helium, traditionally used as a gas chromatography (GC) carrier gas, are dwindling worldwide, forcing laboratories to pay more and risk a missed delivery of this increasingly scarce gas.

As such, many laboratories are looking for a more reliable and less expensive solution than helium. The only carrier gas that can offer higher reliability and lower cost—along with faster results—is hydrogen, made on-site. A hydrogen generator using a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer will safely and reliably produce an endless supply of ultra-pure hydrogen at a fraction of the cost of delivered helium.

Bulk Delivery vs Hydrogen Generation Systems

Hydrogen is supplied through one of two methods: bulk hydrogen delivery or on-site hydrogen generation via water electrolysis. Hydrogen that is supplied through the bulk delivery method is usually sourced from large natural gas reformation plants and is packaged in cylinders or tube trailers for delivery.
Bulk delivery has been the standard sourcing method for decades and has proven to be a reliable source for hydrogen for laboratory and manufacturing applications. However, bulk-delivered hydrogen is prone to contamination from numerous sources that can negatively affect analyses. These contaminants must be mitigated in order to ensure the proper performance of analytical instruments for accurate results. These can include:
  • Water
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Nitrogen
Conversely, an in-house hydrogen gas generator can provide years of around-the-clock service, while effectively eliminating all types of impurities within your hydrogen.

Options for Hydrogen Generators

Silpac offers a wide range of Nel hydrogen generation systems for your unique hydrogen production requirement needs. Nel hydrogen gas generator options are highlighted below:
  • S SeriesThe S Series hydrogen generators utilize PEM cell stack and PSA technology to produce ultra-pure hydrogen that equates to 99.999%. The S10, S20 and S40 models are highly efficient and utilize load-following technology to sense demand and adjust production accordingly.
  • H Series - With efficiency in mind, H Series hydrogen gas generators are engineered to sense demand and adjust production accordingly. Eliminating the need for tube trailers, H2, H4, and H6 hydrogen generators provide quiet and steady operation with significant space savings.
  • C Series - These generators are engineered for extreme purity and composition certainty with minimal maintenance requirements. C Series hydrogen generators are a quiet, dependable, space-saving solutions for any hydrogen-using facility.
  • MC Series - M Series hydrogen cooling generators are innovative, ground-breaking and provide a way to integrate renewable sources of generation, convert surplus electricity to produce hydrogen, and store that hydrogen as energy for future use. 
  • Stable Flow Hydrogen Control SystemsThese products allow power plants to actively control hydrogen purity, pressure and dew point within a generator casing.
  • Containerized Hydrogen SystemsLarge scale hydrogen gas generators are based on PEM water electrolysis designs. The integrated modular design includes optional mechanical compression, storage and hydrogen dispensing.

Advanced Hydrogen Generator Technology

On-site hydrogen generators utilize a platinum catalyst and Nel's unique PEM technology to separate deionized water into pure hydrogen and oxygen. Each generator produces ultra-high purity (99.999+% pure) hydrogen gas at output pressures up to 435 psi (30 bar) and at a dew point of -85°F (-65°C).

Nel compact hydrogen generators can be placed on the generator deck or any other indoor, non-classified plant area. A unique design allows the hydrogen generator to contain virtually no stored hydrogen—even when generating the gas at 1,146 scf/hr.—to meet the daily hydrogen requirements of power plants, no matter how large.

Nel hydrogen generation systems provide reliable, low-cost hydrogen for generator cooling, giving power plant operators an attractive return on investment while improving site security, safety, and personnel productivity.

Hydrogen Gas Generators for a Variety of Applications

Hydrogen cooling generators and hydrogen generation systems are commonly utilized for a wide range of applications throughout many industries. The following list of applications represent some of the more common uses for hydrogen generators.


As your business grows, increasing amounts of hydrogen are needed to satisfy production demands. This can cause issues ranging from permit restrictions and space limitations to increased costs and safety concerns.  On-site space-saving hydrogen generators are easy to permit, install, and operate. With minimal maintenance requirements, our comprehensive hydrogen generator solutions enable customers to maximize budget flexibility and optimize operational efficiency.

Power Plants

Hydrogen is an effective cooling agent in electric generators. However, power plants must maintain optimal gas purity and pressure inside the generator casings to ensure generation efficiency, operational safety, and equipment reliability. With fully-automated performance, on-site complete solutions utilize PEM technology to generate hydrogen that will maximize generator capacity, extend generator life, and reduce overall operational costs.


Because high purity carrier gas is crucial to supporting semiconductor processes, professionals require a high-quality yet cost-effective gas supply. By eliminating external impurities, on-site hydrogen generators safely produce gas with consistent purity and guaranteed composition on-site, maintaining high performance in and extending the lifespan of palladium purifiers. Featuring a true zero-inventory design, these generators eliminate the need for stored flammable, giving your facility extra flexibility in relation to permitting restrictions.


Thanks to its low cost and reliable availability, hydrogen has been widely adopted as a lift gas to replace helium in meteorology processes. Requiring only electricity and water, on-site hydrogen generators safely and efficiently produce hydrogen at its point of use. Well-suited for diverse weather locations where consistent gas sources are unavailable, these devices eliminate the need to store high-pressure flammable gas on-site. Compared to alternative supply methods, on-site PEM systems require minimal maintenance for the highest on-stream time.

Heat Treating

Hydrogen is commonly used to provide a reductive atmosphere in material processing applications. Compared to delivered gas, dissociated ammonia, and exo- or endo gas, PEM hydrogen generation systems produce ultrahigh purity gas and offer a drier, safer alternative for operational support. When paired with generated nitrogen, on-site comprehensive solutions eliminate the need for delivery and storage of hazardous gases.


Widely employed in the petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, hydrogenation processes require turnkey gas solutions that provide a safe, clean, and reliable high-volume hydrogen supply. On-site gas generation systems are expandable through their modular designs and can provide almost unlimited quantities to address growing production needs. Unlike traditional SMR, PEM systems are 100% emission free when integrated with renewable energy, supporting sustainability and green initiatives.

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