APTech Industrial Single Stage Vaporizing Regulator

The AP Tech industrial single stage vaporizing regulator utilizes steam heat to vaporize liquids prior to it reaching a downstream analyzer system. The regulator’s compact design prevents gas condensation and is ideal for limited space applications such as heated boxes and enclosures.

At SilPac, we provide single stage vaporizing regulators that provide safe and reliable process performance. Our expert professionals deliver innovative solutions for analyzers, instrumentation, or industrial applications to meet the most demanding single stage vaporizing regulator delivery system requirements.

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Vaporizing Regulator Features

Single stage vaporizing regulators are manufactured with a stainless steel construction and feature Ni-Cr-Mo internal components with an Hastelloy internals optional design that provides enhanced corrosion resistance. Vaporizing single stage regulator beneficial features include:
  • High leak integrity
  • Bar stock machined
  • Low internal volume
  • Diffusion resistant stainless steel diaphragm
  • Safety stop for diaphragm travel

Operating Parameters for Our Single Stage Vaporizing Regulators

The AP Tech vaporizing single stage regulator is designed for use in a wide range of industries including biopharma, aerospace, laboratory, and pharmaceutical and provides the following operating parameters:

Operating Parameters
Source Pressure Vacuum to 3,500 psig (241 bar)
Delivery Pressure VS 1002 1 to 30 psig (0.07 to 2 bar)
VS 1010 2 to 100 psig (0.14 to 7 bar)
VS 1025 5 to 250 psig (0.3 to 17 bar)
VS 1050* 10 to 500 psig (0.7 to 35 bar)
Proof Pressure 150% of operating pressures
Burst Pressure 300% of operating pressures

Applications of Single Stage Vaporizing Regulators

Highly compact single stage vaporizing regulators are designed to heat and/or vaporize process fluid before entering a downstream analyzer system. Single stage vaporizing regulators provide outstanding performance results for the following application types:
  • Upstream process lines
  • Gas delivery systems
  • Corrosive and specialty gases
  • Valve manifold boxes
  • Gas sample preparation 

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