Two Cylinder Cabinets

  • Two Cylinder Gas Cabinet

Two cylinder gas cabinets are designed to enclose process gases in either a process/purge configuration or for process/process applications. The dual process function allows for an auto crossover set up option, as needed.


2-Cylinder Cabinet Features

  • 6” x 3” top-mounted exhaust vent
  • 1/4” thick, wire-reinforced window for visual inspection
  • 165°F (74°C), top-mounted sprinkler head
  • Removable back panel, mounted inside rear cabinet
  • All welded construction, 11-gauge steel, epoxy painted
  • Textured finish outside the cabinet, smooth finish inside
  • Auto 6-valve process panel, plus PLC controller; or manual 6-valve panel with ESO plus Life Safety controller options available, based on hazardous gas category
  • Startup training, function testing, and commissioning all included with each cabinet. (Travel may be quoted separately.)

Note: The use of a cylinder cabinet for certain gas delivery and distribution processes may be restricted based on local TGO requirements. All TGO requirements are the responsibility of the end user. Please consult your EH&S for specific requirements.

Request a quote on a gas cylinder cabinet based on your needs, or contact us to discuss your gas handling application.

Large two cylinder gas cabinet
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Large 2 cylinder gas cabinet
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Large 2 cylinder gas cabinet
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