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Nel PEM Electorlyzers

Nel S10, S20, and S40 hydrogen generators utilize a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) to produce up to 99.9995% pure hydrogen gas from water. The S Series PEM electrolyzers are used for on-site hydrogen production, providing a safe, convenient, and cost-effective alternative to using high pressure cylinders of H2.
S Series units are efficiently designed and use load-following technology to sense demand and adjust production accordingly. S Series generators can produce the equivalent of three 6-pack cylinders per week of better than UHP-grade hydrogen 99.9995% every day. 

S Series Spec Sheet


Utilizing PEM technology to produce ultra-high purity hydrogen on-site, S Series hydrogen generators replace the need for multiple cylinders, while providing space-saving solutions that effectively maintain quiet operation. Some of the features include:
  • Autofill water level control
  • Automatic leak detection
  • Water purity monitor
  • Purge airflow monitoring system ensures safe operation
  • Compact size and quiet operation
  • Automatic production control
  • Load-following technology senses demand and adjusts production rate
  • Low maintenance with maintenance reminders
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Compatible with multiple units

Specifications for S Series Hydrogen Electorlyzers

S Series models provide an environmentally friendly alternative to standard gas cylinders that must be continuously refilled and provide inconsistent gas qualities. With that in mind, the specifications for S Series models include the following rates and outputs (with a maximum flow 18.8 SLPM at 13.8 barg / 200 psig). 

Download our pdf for a full list of the S Series specifications.

Flow Rate (splm)
Nominal Production Rate
0.27 Nm3/h
10 SCF/h
0.58 kg/24 h
0.53 Nm3/h
20 SCF/h
1.14 kg/24 h
1.05 Nm3/h
40 SCF/h
2.27 kg/24 h
Purity (concentration of impurties)
99.9995% [H2O < 5 ppm, -65o C (-85o F) Dew Point, N2 < 2 ppm, O2 < 1 ppm,
all other undetectable]
Delivery Pressure - Nominal 
13.8 barg / 200 psig


S Series PEM electrolyzers can be used for numerous types of applications where the production of hydrogen gas is necessary for the overall proper operational qualities within a facility. Some of the direct applications associated with on-site hydrogen production, include:
  • Material processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Meteorology
  • Gas chromatography
  • Semiconductor
  • Leak detection
  • Power plant
  • LFL

Advanced Safety Concepts for PEM Electrolyzers 

PEM hydrogen generators are specifically manufactured with cutting-edge safety standards that are designed to protect users with continuous internal and external leak checks and auto-shutdown features. Additional safety features, include: 
  • Complete diagnostic checks on start-up.
  • Continuous pressure-based leak check during operation.
  • Automatic shutdown by isolation of the H2 generation cell
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Forced ventilation throughout the generator
  • Low hydrogen gas throughout the system (< 0.3 L max.)
  • Load following operation automatically adjusts output to match demand

Additional Services 

SilPac does more than just manufacture gas systems. We also offer a complete list of services to support your gas distribution equipment. We provide on-site system startup, function testing, training, and field service and support.

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