High Flow Gas Sticks (50-700 slpm)

High flow gas sticks are available in multiple configurations, including UHP and NPT options, to fit any gas delivery system. Our 50-700 SLPM gas stick assemblies are available in stainless steel or brass construction. We fabricate and assemble all our high flow gas sticks in cleanroom environments to ensure the cleanliness and purity our customers have come to expect.

The Right High Flow Gas Stick for Your Gas Delivery System

We offer four standard models of 50-700 SLPM high flow gas sticks, as well as customized gas sticks that are built to meet your exact requirements. Contact us to discuss your custom high flow gas sticks for your gas delivery system.

We also offer low flow, medium flow, and purge jumper gas stick options. All gas stick models are fully function- and leak-tested and certified. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.


Features of High Flow Gas Sticks

  • Manual point of use gas sticks to fit all gas delivery systems
  • ≤700 SLPM (Standard Liters Per Minute) delivery
  • 1/2” face seal, NPT
  • Available in stainless steel or brass construction
  • Fully function- and leak-tested, with certification
  • Lower flow rates available 

Contact Us Today for High Flow Gas Sticks & More

If you need high flow gas sticks, a complete gas delivery system, or other high performance gas handling solutions, you need SilPac. Our huge inventory of available products and optimized manufacturing methods help you get the gas delivery system components you need in drastically shortened lead times.

Request a quote on 50-700 SLPM high flow gas sticks for your gas delivery system. Contact us to learn more.