Valves, Fittings and Flow Components

SilPac is dedicated to providing quality components that meets our customers’ quality and performance expectations. As such, we proudly offer pressure fittings and gas valves from industry-leading brands Ham-Let®, GTC, and GasFlo®.


UCT Ham-Let® is a global supplier of industrial and high-tech fittings, valves, and accessories. Their instrumentation fittings are recognized worldwide and are of the highest quality.


GTC produces Diaphragm valve, regulators, and flow components for high-purity systems, which provide low-contamination pathways for the best results. Offering valves in manual or pneumatically operated.


GasFlo® manufactures specialty gas components, including CGA connections, DISS connections, and diaphragm valves. Their line of cylinder connections includes many international standards, demonstrating their complete understanding of the specialty gas industry.

SilPac Is Your Trusted UHP and Compression Fittings Provider

With over 20+ years of industry experience, SilPac has extensive experience with gas delivery systems, and a vast knowledge of the gas valves and pressure fittings that will be needed for your system, in order to provide safety and performance. Our industry experts can help you find the correct fittings for your system. With comprehensive knowledge of gas handling equipment.

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