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High purity regulators are designed for reliable performance in inert, non-hazardous, and hazardous gas applications for semiconductor, LED, solar, nanotechnology, and other demanding markets. SilPac’s knowledge in high purity gas system components makes it easy for us to provide the perfect solution for your unique application. These regulators are designed for use with gases that are 99.995% pure or higher, to meet your high purity standards.

High Purity Gas Regulator Product Options: 


What Is A High Purity Gas Regulator?

A true high purity gas system requires equipment that will preserve the purity of the system. A high purity gas regulator must protect the system from potential contaminants that may be present in the ambient atmosphere. High purity gas regulators utilize three specialized features to help maintain system purity.

  • Body Type: The designs and materials used in these regulator valves are engineered and chosen to minimize or eliminate contaminant infiltration. Forged or machined from stainless steel or brass, high purity gas regulators feature smaller internal volumes for easier and more efficient contaminant purging. Tight material grain structures prevent internal surfaces from adsorbing moisture and contaminants; low Ra surface finishes minimize particle shedding.
  • Diaphragm Material: Standard pressure regulator fittings utilize elastomer diaphragms that are easily contaminated by exposure to ambient air. Regulator valves for high purity gas systems feature stainless steel or Hastelloy diaphragms that are impervious to moisture/contaminant adsorption and outgassing.
  • Seal Type: The seal between the body of a regulator valve and its diaphragm are key to eliminating contamination. A metal-to-metal seal (metal regulator body paired with a metal diaphragm) is the most dependable solution for leak-free performance. All of our high purity gas regulator models feature stainless steel seals for reliable, corrosion- and contaminant-free seals.

Features of High Purity Gas Regulators

Tied Diaphragms vs. Non-Tied Diaphragms

Regulator valves for high purity gas systems feature tied diaphragms. This setup provides a mechanically-assisted shutoff that helps prevent leakage across the seal. A non-tied (or “free”) diaphragm lacks this feature and is therefore more susceptible to failure with seat contamination.

Port Configurations

AP Tech manufactures high purity pressure regulator fittings in 2-port and 3-port configurations. Their gas cabinet and cylinder regulators feature 4-port configurations.

Brass or Stainless Steel Construction

For durability and corrosion resistance, all of our high purity gas regulator models are machined from 316L VAR stainless steel. Select models are also available in brass construction.

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SilPac are direct distributors of Emerson Electric products. This allows us to provide some of the best performing, highest quality high purity gas regulators on the market today. We also offer industrial regulators, electronic regulators, and more.

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