UHP Crossover Panels

  • Crossover Gas Panels

We design and manufacture manual crossover gas panels for the efficient delivery and distribution of inert process gases. These gas panels include an auto crossover feature that provides the ability to have auto crossover on a single panel with multiple pigtail capability

A modular design allows for multiple panel configurations, including customized crossover gas panels that are tailored to your flow rate, gas compatibility, and system requirements.

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Features & Benefits of UHP Crossover Gas Panels

  • Engineered for the safe, efficient, and reliable handling of inert process gases
  • Compact designs reduce space requirements and make installation easy
  • Durable, top quality components help reduce maintenance requirements
  • Mirrored back panel for visual and quality inspections
  • Designed to meet high purity process requirements
  • All systems are fully functional and leak tested
  • Panels include GTC/APTech valves and APTech/Tescom regulators as standard components
  • Custom gas panel configurations available; contact us to discuss your unique needs

Note: The use of a crossover gas panel for certain gas delivery and distribution processes may be restricted by your local TGO requirements. All TGO requirements are the responsibility of the end user; consult your EH&S for specific requirements.

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Additional Services

Our ultra-high purity gas crossover panels include onsite start-up, function testing, and training. Field service and support is available as needed. PM programs are available for enhanced uptime and performance.

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