GTC Products UHP Diaphragm Values

  • High Purity Diaphragm Valves

GTC Products specializes in diaphragm valves and components for high-purity systems to support the specialty gas equipment industry. GTC valves have a springless, serviceable, modular metal diaphragm design with replaceable seats. This compact design is ideal for systems requiring lockout features, on/off indicators, and easy field serviceability. These GTC diaphragm valves are compatible with high-purity systems involving manual, pneumatic, or hybrid actuation.

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Diaphragm Valve Features & Benefits

SilPac offers valves by GTC Products, including the Mini Series, Standard Series, High Flow Series, and Bulk Flow Series. All valve sets have similar base components, including springless design and replaceable seats. Their ability to manage different flow rates varies by series.
Additional advantages of high-purity valves by GTC Products include:
  • Extreme cleanliness
  • Decreased risk of leaks
  • Reduced contamination
  • Tight shut-off
  • Easy maintenance

High-Purity Valve Applications

Diaphragm valves are designed to manage UHP gases. These valves are suitable for hazardous or corrosive gases. GTC valves have a high cycle life and a strong, durable design.

Industries Served

SilPac provides high-purity valves for various specialty gas equipment and systems to many trades. Popular industries served include:
  • Aerospace
  • Solar
  • Biopharm
  • Semiconductor

SilPac Proudly Distributes GTC High-Purity Valves

SilPac is a proud supplier of various types of valves for specialty gas applications. GTC high-purity valves are designed to offer excellent processing, and our range of sizes and series is sure to supply exactly what you need.

With over 20 years of industry experience, SilPac is your trusted distributor of specialty gas products. Our extensive resources and helpful field services provide top-quality service to all industries.

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