APTech Industrial Pneumatically Actuated Regulators

Pressure regulators are built to accurately control pressures in gas delivery systems, allowing for the consistent delivery of process gases. Pneumatic regulators provide a high level of pressure control by maintaining constant output pressure under various input pressures and output flows.

At SilPac, we distribute pneumatic regulators in dome load and air loaded versions that provide advanced engineering and design elements that allow for safe and effective gas delivery. Our knowledgeable team consistently delivers on our customer’s expectations for quality and service with creative, custom, and technical applications for product and process performance.

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Pneumatic Regulator Product Options

Depending on your specific application, SilPac delivers state-of-the-art pneumatic regulators in a variety of sizes and materials. Every pneumatic regulator that we sell is built for a specific application and is available in numerous materials to provide you with a pneumatic actuated pressure regulator for your application. Some of the differing pneumatic regulator parameters include:
  • Air loaders to accommodate various pressure ranges
  • Inlet and outlet pressure ranges
  • Body material
  • Flow rates
Depending on your application specifications, we can provide you with a pneumatic actuation pressure regulator that matches your exact flow, connection size, and outlet max MX PSIG requirements. All pneumatic regulators that Silpac sells are rigorously tested to provide exceptional reliability in a wide range of environments and are available in a stainless steel or brass body.

Considerations when Choosing a Pneumatic Pressure Regulator

SilPac offers pneumatic pressure regulators in a wide range of configurations including a pressure restricting valve, a pressure sensing component. Other considerations when choosing a pneumatically actuated regulator include:
  • Operating pressure for outlet and inlet
  • Maximum flow requirements for your gas delivery system
  • Requirement of additional pneumatic valve accessories
  • Material compatibility with the fluids or gases used in your application
  • Features such as port type and pressure indicators

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Contact us for more information regarding our pneumatic regulator options, or request a quote for exact pricing details today. SilPac is your premier source for regulator products.