APTech Industrial Single Stage High Pressure Regulators

Single stage designed high pressure regulators provide gas systems with control and functionality, while reducing pressure to usable levels. High pressure gas regulators are designed to reduce high pressure supplies safely and accurately to system pressure requirements. SilPac delivers high performance single stage high pressure regulators that are designed to your specific gas needs.

At SilPac, we provide single stage high pressure gas regulators that help you manage your gas delivery system for safe and reliable process performance. Our expert professionals deliver innovative solutions for challenging industrial applications to meet the most demanding high pressure gas regulator delivery system requirements.

Contact us for more information regarding our single stage high pressure regulators, including high pressure oxygen regulators, high pressure Co2 regulators, high pressure nitrogen regulator, and high pressure argon regulators, or any other application call us at (CA) 408-492-0011, or (TX) 512-835-0011 and we will gladly assist you with any single stage high pressure regulator questions that you may have.

High Pressure Gas Regulator Options

Since different types of gases require unique pressure settings, flow rates, connection sizes, and connection types, single stage high pressure regulators can be used for a wide range of gases. High Pressure Regulators are available in a variety of control options:

  • Dome loaded
  • Air loaders
  • Manual adjusts
  • Wrench adjusts

Typical Applications of Gas Regulators

  • High Pressure Oxygen Regulator
  • High Pressure Co2 Regulator
  • High Pressure Nitrogen Regulator
  • High Pressure H2 Regulator
  • High pressure He Regulator
  • High Pressure Argon Regulator

Single stage high pressure gas regulators are available in a wide range of high pressure applications. High pressure regulators reduce high pressures to adequate levels allowing for proper pressure application functionality. As an example, our high-pressure gas regulators can accept a 6000 psi input and reduce it to a working range of 10 to 500 psi, depending on your specific requirement needs.

Single Stage High Pressure Gas Regulator Applications

Single stage high pressure regulators provide outstanding performance results for the following application types:

  • Test stands
  • Leak test equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Natural gas transfer stations

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