WIKA® Pressure Gauges

WIKA® pressure gauges offer reliable and efficient ways to monitor and display pressure. Pressure measurement gauges are designed to evaluate pressure from gases and liquids, in various applications. With precise measuring technology, pressure gauges ensure mechanical reliability and safety during operation.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of pressure measurement devices, gauges by WIKA® ensure high accuracy, repeatability, and long-term stability for pressure management.

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What Are the Benefits of WIKA® Pressure Gauges?

Pressure gauges by WIKA® are manufactured in a variety of materials based on your application. SilPac focuses on the UHP market which utilizes 316L stainless steel for high purity applications.

Pressure gauges are used to measure absolute pressure, differential pressure, and gauge pressure. Additionally, WIKA® gauges can measure both positive and negative gauge pressures.

Gauges, transducers, and switch devices are available with electrical output signals or switch contacts, and also the ability to provide an on-site display without needing a power supply in addition to an electrical output signal for monitoring or control.

Pressure Gauge Maintenance

Pressure gauges must be reliable, accurate, and easy to read to help prevent failure in everyday operations. As such, measurement devices by WIKA® are crafted and tested with extreme precision. Failure can cost time and money at the expense of worker safety.

By regularly protecting and inspecting pressure measurement gauges, failure is avoidable and safety is reinforced. 

Industries Served by WIKA® Pressure Measurement Gauges

Pressure sensors by WIKA® apply to a variety of industries, including:
  • Semiconductor fabrication

  • Biotech and pharmaceutical

  • Oil and gas production

  • Chemical processing

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Mining and construction equipment

SilPac Is Your Trusted WIKA® Pressure Gauge Supplier

With over 20 years of industry experience, SilPac has extensive experience with pressure gauges. Our industry experts can help you find the correct gauge for your system. With comprehensive knowledge of gas handling equipment and components we are confident that we will exceed all your project requirements.

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