C10, C20, C30

  • C Series Hydrogen Gas Generators
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Model C10, C20, and C30 hydrogen generators feature proton exchange membrane (PEM) cell stack and PSA technology that gives you consistent, on-site production of ultra-high purity hydrogen 99.999%. These generators are engineered for extreme purity and composition certainty with minimal maintenance requirements.

C Series hydrogen generators utilize highly efficient load-following technology to sense demand and adjust production accordingly. These devices benefit users by improving supply reliability and site safety. They replace the need for tube trailers or liquid supply, and quiet, dependable, space-saving solutions for any hydrogen-using facility.

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  C10 C20 C30
Flow Rate 10 20 30
Purity 99.9998%
Output pressure 30 Barg/435 psig




Features of C Series Hydrogen Generators

  • Autofill water level control
  • Water purity monitor
  • Automatic leak detection
  • Purge airflow system ensures safe operation
  • Report alarms
  • Load following technology senses demand and adjust production accordingly
  • Low maintenance requirements, with maintenance reminders
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Compatible with multiple units
  • Modular and upgradeable
  • Onboard DI water system
  • Factory matched cooler & chiller
  • Dew point meter
  • Outdoor operation package available
  • Dedicated data logging computer

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