APTech Single Stage Regulators

APTech high purity single stage gas pressure regulators are designed to control the delivery pressures of a gas that is either high pressure bottle sourced or line pressure in a facility supply. Single stage pressure regulators function by maintaining a setpoint of outlet pressure from the supply inlet pressure.  High purity single stage pressure regulators can be used for a wide range of gases. This means each regulator must have a design that matches the properties and characteristics of the gas. Different types of gases require unique pressure settings, flow rates, connection sizes, and connection types. 

At SilPac, we provide high purity single stage gas regulators that help you manage your gas delivery system for safe and reliable process performance. Our expert professionals deliver innovative solutions for challenging UHP, instrumentation, or industrial applications to meet the most demanding single stage gas regulator delivery system requirements.

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Properties & Pressure Ranges of High Purity Single Stage Regulators

Single-stage regulators are the ideal choice for applications that require relatively small reductions in pressure. For example, house and / or facility lines have maximum pressures in the 100 to 150 psi range. This pressure is piped through the factory but is often reduced with a single-stage regulator to lower pressures (10 psi, 50 psi, 80 psi etc.)

Applications of High Purity Single Stage Regulators

SilPac assists in selecting the correct regulator for the application to minimalize supply pressure effect or maintain setpoint in high flow conditions. Single stage regulators provide outstanding performance results for the following application types:

  • Point of use connections to process / machine tools
  • Test stands
  • Analytical equipment
  • Leak test equipment
  • Direct cylinder regulators

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