Purifiers for High Purity Gas Systems

  • SAES Purifiers

Gas purifiers are key components in ultra-high purity systems. Silpac provides a range of specialized purifiers for all UHP applications. We continues to deliver superior impurity capacities and longer purifier lifetimes. We offer one of the industry’s largest selections of gas purifiers for point of use, bulk gas delivery systems, and specific process tool requirements.

SilPac is a leading provider of purifier and filter systems for high purity gas delivery systems. Follow the links below for more information, request a quote or contact us for the specialized gas purifier you need.


Why Choose Silpac's Gas Purifiers?

We supply gas purifiers that are trusted by leading global OEMs in semiconductor, LED, solar, and other high tech industries.

Features & Benefits of Purifiers

  • Reliability: Our gas purifiers and systems provide unparalleled process consistency and yield improvement.
  • Performance: One-of-a-kind advanced technology provides low pressure drop and long working life.
  • Quality: All our purifiers are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and are helium leak and pressure checked, with analytical testing to part-per-trillion (ppt) levels

SilPac’s Expertise Provides The Right Gas Purifier for Your Application 

SilPac’s extensive knowledge of gas purification requirements enables us to analyze your unique needs and match the appropriate gas purifier product to your process and performance requirements.

Contact Us for Specialized Gas Purifiers & More

When it comes to gas handling technology, SilPac does it all. From point of use purifiers to complete gas delivery systems, we have the solutions you need.Request a quote on gas purifiers or contact us to learn more.