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CONCOA is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of gas delivery systems, specializing in gas delivery switchovers and regulators.  Regulators and switchovers have long been popular in the analytical, laser, scientific, and metalworking industries. Recently, the company developed a medical switchover device: Intelliswitch™.

Intelliswitch™ is a fully-automatic switchover that offers a continuous pressure and flow control of either liquid or high pressure gas cylinders with a push of a button. This proprietary product lowers yearly gas costs, complies with NFPA 99 requirements by eliminating liquid cylinder vent loss, and, in turn, maximizes gas usage or excess residual return.

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CONCOA Products from SilPac

At SilPac, we’re proud to be authorized CONCOA distributors, and we are Northern California’s only authorized repair center for regulators and switchovers.

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Note: The use of CONOA regulators and/or switchovers may be restricted based on your local TGO requirements. TGO compliance is the responsibility of the end user—consult your EH&S for specific requirements.