Ultra-High-Purity Gas Delivery Systems

Gas delivery systems are used to safely reduce gas pressure from higher pressure cylinders to supply process tools and various instruments in a semiconductor, pharmaceutical, or R&D facility such as aerospace or universities. The systems are designed to provide safe gas delivery such as flammables, corrosives, poisons, or inserts to the tools at the pressure and flow rates needed to maximize productivity and control cost in the safest possible way.

Our gas delivery systems are designed for any volume of gas and engineered for your variety of applications and are highly effective to reduce costs, increase productivity, and increase safety. Gas delivery system come in a few different types: single station, semi-automatic switchover, and fully automatic programmable switchover systems.

SilPac can help with which type is suitable for specific applications. For example, a single station system is ideal for applications of low flow and very little chance that exhausting your gas supply will affect your production, and where a process sensitive tool may require a large-scale automatic changeover manifold to insure gas supply through the entire run.

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Ultra-High-Purity Gas Delivery and Distribution Equipment

We manufacture a complete range of gas delivery and gas distribution equipment for the purification and distribution of specialty gases for semiconductor applications. Our gas systems products include gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes (VMB’s), distribution panel assemblies, gas panels, gas distribution devices, and more. This equipment combines to create an effect gas delivery system.

Gas Sticks

Gas sticks are a necessary part of an effective gas delivery system. The assemblies provide the ability to distribute gas from a single panel source to multiple tool outlets. SilPac offers a variety of high purity and industrial gas stick assemblies.

Gas Cabinets 

1-,2-, and 3-cylinder gas cabinets are an integral part to an effective gas distribution assembly. Gas cabinets feature auto or manual process panels, as well as both PLC-style and Life Safety-style controllers specific to the panel design.

Gas Panels

Two- and three-valve manual gas panels are great for inert gas applications, while six-valve manual and fully-automatic gas panels are available for hazardous gas applications. They are designed to keep your facility, equipment, and employees safe from toxic or corrosive substance.

Valve Manifold Boxes

Valve manifold boxes (VMB) help reduce your overall cost and are built with compact footprints for an efficient use of space in your facility. SilPac offers a variety of gas boxes for your applications.

Advantages of Ultra high Purity Gas Delivery Systems

When designing a gas system, the level of gas purity at each point of use is an important component. Gas systems help to maintain the level of gas purity by using appropriate materials. Materials that are suited for one level may have negative effects on another level. There are three levels:

  • Multi-purpose

  • High-Purity

  • Ultra-High Purity

Ultra-high-purity (UHP) gas delivery systems are the highest level of purity, and all materials used for this level are to minimize. Applications that commonly use high purity and instrumentation include: Semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, R&D research and university labs, and gas chromatography applications.

Ultra-High-Purity gas delivery systems and related gas system products offer many advantages for users. No matter what the application, ultra-high-purity gas delivery systems provide:

1. Reduction in the frequency of cylinder changeouts: Multiple cylinders are connected to gas manifolds so that one bank can be safely vented, replenished, and purged, while a second bank continues to provide gas service.

2. Increased productivity: As previously mentioned, this allows for the continuous improvement and simplification of cylinder handling.

3. Enhanced Safety: One of the main purposes of a gas delivery system is to protect your facility and employees from toxic and hazardous materials. With UHP gas delivery system, your employees are trained to use the equipment on toxic and hazardous gases to further enhance safety.

4. Additional System Enhancements: Many features can be added to a gas delivery system including an emergency shut-off valve that stops gas leaks by automatically shutting off the flow from the cylinder or excess flow switches when the flow exceeds a specified level. This feature along with many others adds additional safety.

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We will provide consultation, as needed, to help determine the correct gas systems for your individual application. We design and manufacture turnkey, fully-documented gas delivery and distribution systems, or we can work with you to develop customized gas systems that meet your application and performance requirements.

All our gas systems and gas handling equipment are fabricated and assembled in our in-house cleanrooms, and our optimized manufacturing processes allow for delivery in a fraction of usual lead-times and provides flexibility for quick turn projects.

Additional Products & Services

SilPac does more than just manufacture gas systems. We also offer a complete list of services and inventory to support your gas distribution equipment. We provide on-site system startup and function testing, training, and field service and support.

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