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Proper ventilation and exhausting of hazardous gases is important for personnel safety, and is required by most fire and building codes. Numerous industries, from semiconductor to solar to aerospace, require ultra-high purity (UHP) gas delivery systems that meet regulations for handling hazardous gases. SilPac provides a variety of gas distribution assemblies, including 1-, 2-, and 3-bottle gas cabinets that meet even the most stringent industry regulations.

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1-, 2- & 3-Cylinder Gas Enclosures

Gas cylinder cabinets feature auto or manual process panels. Both options include either PLC-style or Life safety-style controllers specific to the panel design, as well as dedicated process outlets and a built-in auto crossover feature.

Our two-cylinder gas cabinets can be used to enclose process gases in either process/purge or process/process setups. Three-cylinder gas enclosures can be configured for process/process/purge with dedicated outlets, or with an auto crossover setup. Both options include a dedicated purge cylinder in the same enclosure. SilPac also offers a single bottle cabinet and these are usually paried with a dedicated purge bottle on the exterior to accommodate space limitations or use as storage for spare cylinder.  See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

SilPac also offers a single bottle cabinet, and these are usually paired with a dedicated purge bottle on the exterior to accommodate space limitations or use as storage for spare cylinder.

Gas Cylinder Cabinet Features

SilPac gas cabinets are manufactured from 11-gauge steel (0.119” thick) and feature all welded construction. Outer surfaces are textured and epoxy painted; interior surfaces have a smooth finish. Cylinder brackets inside our gas cabinets can accommodate standard style cylinders (54” H x 9.5” D) and smaller, with cylinder shelves that are easily adjustable for precise pigtail alignment. Cabinet doors and windows close and latch automatically for added safety.

  • All models feature 6” x 3” (1-, 2-cylinder) or 8” x 3” (3-cylinder) top-mounted exhaust vents
  • 165°F (74°C), top-mounted sprinkler heads, with beeswax coatings for corrosion protection
  • Removable back panels are mounted inside rear cabinets
  • 1/4” thick, wire-reinforced windows for visual inspection, with inner window for increased safety
  • Flush mounted stainless steel paddle latches
  • All stainless-steel fasteners

Standard features include adjustable shelves, air intake filters, keyed door latches, and more. Custom colors are available upon request. Please see individual product listings for more information.

Please note that TGO requirements may restrict the use of gas cabinets for certain gas processes; end user is responsible for TGO requirements. Consult your EH&S for the specific requirements of your process(es).

Standard Gas Panel Features

  • Process panel options: semi-auto or manual with ESO
  • Panels include mirrored back finish
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Fully function- and leak-tested with certificates
  • Standard components include APTech (UHP) regulator, Wika gauges and transducers, GTC valves
  • GTC valves allow for field replacement of actuator without exposing wetted surface
  • Venturi N2 bleed (when applicable) to extend panel and component life
  • Excess flow switch

Gas Cabinet Controller Features

  • PLC-100 for semi-auto applications
    • User configurable
    • History data collection
    • Valve status indication
    • Intuitive operation
  • PLC-200: manual with ESO applications
    • Maintain maximum safety at minimum cost
    • XO function (when applicable)
    • Cylinder status signals
    • Pneumatic solenoids control panel ESO valves
    • Configurable for alarm/shutdown or alarm only (remote S/D, fire sensor, exhaust failure, toxic monitor, auxiliary)

Why Choose Our Gas Cylinder Cabinets?

SilPac is a leader in gas handling solutions, offering industry knowledge and experience for all of your gas cabinet needs. We provide gas cylinder enclosures with life safety controls for remote shut down, alarms, interface capabilities for facility gas management systems (FGMS), and more. Our gas cabinets are engineered for years of reliable performance, easy installation, and minimal maintenance, and our optimized manufacturing processes enable us to deliver and install gas cabinets in a fraction of the usual lead times.

We have over 25 years' experience in manufacturing gas cabinets and other delivery systems for toxic, corrosive, flammable, and inert gas handling applications. We take pride in meeting or exceeding customer expectations for quality and service. We deliver innovative, high performance solutions for our customers’ gas delivery requirements.

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Additional Services

Our gas cylinder cabinets include onsite start-up, function testing, and training. Field service and support is available as needed. Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs are available for enhanced uptime and performance.

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