Innovative Gas Handling Solutions

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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SilPac distributes and manufactures top-quality solutions for high purity gas delivery systems and industrial gas handling equipment. We have extensive experience with gas delivery systems that include solutions for toxic, corrosive, flammable, and inert gas handling.

Our range of gas solutions includes ultra-high-purity (UHP) gas delivery systems and corresponding gas distribution equipment. Additional solutions we offer include pressure regulators and hydrogen generators. Our extensive line of gas supplies includes purifiers, valves, and pressure measurement devices.

We are dedicated to providing quality gas processing systems and equipment that meet our customer’s high quality and performance expectations. We also strive to provide innovative, custom, technical applications. Our experience working with a wide range of industries makes us your best choice for gas processing systems and equipment.

Gas Handling Solutions

Gas Delivery Systems

Our ultra-high-purity gas delivery systems include single station, semi-automatic switchover, and automatic switchover systems. Designed for any volume of gas, these systems safely reduce gas pressure from pressure cylinders.

Pressure Regulators

We stock and distribute standard and customized gas pressure regulators. Our wide variety of regulators include high purity gas, industrial gas, and electronic pressure control.

Hydrogen Generators

With several hydrogen gas generator options to choose from, SilPac’s generators are an effective way to create hydrogen gas. Our hydrogen generators offer you a cost-effective, safe, reliable way to produce gas.

Purifiers and Filters

SilPac is a leading manufacturer of purifier panels, bypass systems and gas purifier/distribution boxes. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of purifiers for ultra-high purity gas systems, our systems are supplied with Entegris purifiers. These purifiers provide the reliability, quality, and performance you need in a gas purifier. We also build custom panels and distribution systems around your purifier of choice.

Valves and Components

Our valves and gas system components include Ham-Let® instrumentation fittings and high purity weld fittings, GTC high purity valves, and GasFlo® cylinder connections.

Pressure Measurement and Instruments

SilPac offers Wika® pressure measurement instruments. Our Wika® product line includes pressure gauges, transducers/transmitters, gas cylinder scales, and indicating pressure switches.

Field Services

Our added value services include services such as fieldwork and startup for our products and also include training, safety instruction, and preventative maintenance service contracts.

Contact the Gas Handling Experts at SilPac

Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction has made us an industry leader for industrial gas handling equipment and supplies. SilPac’s technical expertise and quality gas processing products continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. Talk with us about your gas systems and equipment needs today.

Certifications and Compliance

SEMI S2/S8 Compliance for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) safety guidelines are compliance standards for industries that manufacture microelectronics and nanoelectronics. These guidelines were created to help ensure that reliable, high quality products are being produced with a high standard of safety. There are various SEMI standards that cover different areas of the semiconductor manufacturing industry; two of the certifications held by SilPac International are SEMI S2 for Environmental, Health and Safety, and SEMI S8 for Ergonomics and Human Factors.

SEMI S2-1016A Certification

The SilPac SP-PLC100 Controller Gas Cabinet System is SEMI S2-1016A certified by the Lewis Bass International Engineering Services for Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.

The SEMI S2 Certification defines minimum safety requirements, regulations and provisions for semiconductor manufacturing equipment including electrical design, mechanical hazards, fire prevention, radiation control, and ergonomics human standards. It also contains specifications for ventilation, exhaust, hazard warnings and hazard alert labeling, and emergency shutdown procedures.

SEMI S8-1116 Certification

The SilPac SP-PLC100 Controller Gas Cabinet System is also SEMI S8-1116 certified by the Lewis Bass International Engineering Services. This certification outlines the Safety Guidelines for Ergonomics/Human Factors and Engineering of Semiconductor Equipment and provides ergonomic design principles and considerations for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The purpose of these principles and considerations is to optimize safety by promoting compatibility between the user and the equipment in a manufacturing environment. Equipment is also required to be designed in a way that minimizes worker fatigue and injury and reduces the potential for errors and mishaps.

Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information regarding our SEMI S2/S8 compliance.