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SAES MicroTorr® Purifiers

SAES MicroTorr® purifiers use a variety of specialized media for ambient temperature purification; each one is specific to a particular gas (N2, Ar, Xe, N2O, etc.) or group of gases. Use of these specialized media allows for high flow capabilities in a compact design and provides long working life, even in continuous-use applications.

SilPac is the leading distributor of MicroTorr® ambient inline purifiers for high purity gas delivery systems. We offer MicroTorr® purifiers in more than twenty different sizes to accommodate flow rates from 500 sccm to 1,000 slpm. All MicroTorr® models can provide impurity removal to ppt (part-per-trillion) levels. ppb. This series of purifiers also offers a wide selection of valve and filter options.

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Why Choose MicroTorr® Ambient Inline Purifiers?

SAES’ innovative MicroTorr® purifiers are the most complete and most reliable solution for point of use purification of high purity gases. By matching the ideal size/configuration with the right purification media, users can create the perfect MicroTorr® solution for their purification requirements.

The Right Point of Use Purifier for Your Application

SilPac stocks the entire MicroTorr® line, making it easy to find the right model for your application. If you’re not sure which model you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work with you to find a MicroTorr® purifier that meets your unique performance requirements.

Features & Benefits of MicroTorr® Purifiers

  • Reliability: MicroTorr® point of use purifiers provide ultra-high purity (UHP) gas for all applications, giving users unrivaled process consistency and improved yields. Active, inorganic purification media provides protection against hydrocarbon release.
  • Performance: SAES is known for innovative gas purification technology that provides low pressure drop and long working life.
  • Superior Quality: All models are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and are helium leak checked, pressure tested, and analytically tested to ppt levels.
  • PED Certification: MicroTorr® gas purifiers are CE certified to according to Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

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* Flow rates stated without optional filters or valves

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