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SilPac Gas Sticks

High Purity & Industrial Gas Stick Assemblies

When your manufacturing process relies on a gas—whether it’s toxic, corrosive, inert, or flammable—a properly equipped gas delivery system is essential for ensuring efficient gas delivery, preventing leaks and promoting the health and safety of your workers. Gas stick assemblies provide the ability to distribute gas from a single panel source to multiple tool outlets. A gas stick built by an ISO-certified manufacturer and thoroughly tested to industry standards are a necessary part of an effective gas delivery system.

SilPac offers a variety of high purity and industrial gas stick assemblies. Our gas sticks are available as individual modules, or as part of a gas manifold panel, housed inside a valve manifold box (VMB).

Request a quote on the gas stick(s) your system needs. Contact SilPac to learn more.

SilPac Standard Gas Sticks

SilPac maintains a huge inventory of standard gas stick models. We offer standard gas stick modules in UHP (welded/face seal components) and industrial (compression and NPT stainless or brass) styles, including:

Gas sticks are available in stainless steel or brass, with multiple options and configurations available.

SilPac provides premier gas delivery systems support “from cradle to grave,” including the design and manufacture of complete, documented assemblies. Our turnkey gas delivery systems include gas stick(s), gas panels, and gas manifolds—all fully functional and leak tested, with certification.

Custom Gas Sticks

If our standard gas stick models don’t match your needs, we can provide a customized solution that will meet your industry and application requirements. We have assisted a wide range of customers with their gas delivery systems, and are able to custom-design gas stick assemblies for a range of flow rates, components, applications and industries.

Contact SilPac today to discuss your custom specifications.

Which Gas Stick is Right for Me?

If you need help determining which size gas stick is right for your application, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff can provide guidance to help you select the right size gas stick for your facility, based on your flow rate, gas compatibility, and system requirements. In addition, we can help you determine how many gas sticks you will need, and how best to configure them.


All of our gas sticks are manufactured in Class 10,000, Class 1,000, or Class 100 cleanrooms, guaranteeing a level of purity that our customers rely on.

With locations in Santa Clara, California, and Austin, Texas, we are in a position to serve clients all around the country.

Our Customers

Most of our customers work in high-tech industries—semiconductor, electronics, solar, etc.—which is why we place such high importance on ensuring that our gas stick assemblies are clean and our lead times are short. In addition to the high tech market, we also serve clients in government, LED, biopharm, medical, aerospace, and research facilities.

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We respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours. Request a quote today, or contact us to learn more about our high purity and industrial gas stick assemblies.