Gas Panels

  • 2 Valve Gas Panel

Manual, Semi-Auto, Fully Automatic & Crossover Gas Panel Assemblies

We provide a wide variety of gas panel assemblies for specified gas types. For inert gas applications, we offer two- and three-valve manual gas panels. For hazardous gas applications, we offer six-valve manual (with pneumatic ESO) and fully-automatic gas panels.

Our gas panel assemblies can be set up as dedicated panels or in auto-crossover configurations. Gas panels are modular by design and can be ordered with optional configurations. They are designed to be compact, minimizing the space they take up in your facility. Gas distribution VMBs are also available to provide a complete system for your high purity gas distribution needs.

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Gas Distribution Panel Benefits

SilPac uses ultra-high purity components for the assembly of our gas panels and gas manifolds. We offer a range of configurations to meet flow rates per gas type as required by today’s process tools. Our engineers have spent years refining our gas panel designs to ensure that each unit we sell provides:

  • Safety & Reliability: For anyone who uses toxic or corrosive substances, safety is the number one priority. Gas panels are designed to protect your facility, equipment, and employees from potential hazards.
  • Design Efficiency: Our gas panels are compact and take up minimal space.
  • Minimal Downtime: We use the very best components to build our panels, minimizing the need for future maintenance, and more importantly, reducing or eliminating downtime.

Gas Control Panel Options

Two-Valve Gas Panels

Two-valve gas panels feature with a regulator, high-pressure isolation valve and vent valve.

Three-Valve Gas Panels

Three-valve gas panels offer the same capabilities as our two-valve panels, with an added purge capability.

Five-Valve Gas Panels

Five-valve gas panels offer high-pressure and low-pressure isolation valves, along with vent/purge capabilities.

Six-Valve Gas Panels

Six-valve gas panels offer high-pressure and low-pressure isolation valves, along with vent/purge capabilities.

Crossover Gas Panels

Our crossover gas panels provide an auto crossover on a single panel, with multiple pigtail capability.

Custom Gas Panels

Our gas distribution systems can be designed to meet the specific needs of your application. We offer custom assembly capabilities with onsite engineering and CAD services to expedite customer specific applications, and provide solutions for your gas distribution needs. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

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Additional Services

SilPac does more than just manufacture gas systems. We also offer a complete list of services to support your gas distribution equipment. We provide onsite system startup, function testing, training, and field service and support. Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs are available for enhanced uptime and performance.

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