4 & 8 Stick VMB (Standard)

  • 4 & 8 Stick VMB
  • Valve Manifold Box Component2
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We design and manufactures 4 and 8 stick valve manifold boxes (VMBs) for high purity and industrial gas handling applications.

VMB Options

Our 4 and 8 stick VMB gas cabinets include a vent/purge feature with vacuum generator assist for hazardous process gases. Standard VMB assembly configurations include a single inlet process supply source with 4 or 8 process outlet gas stick configuration.


Features & Benefits of 4 & 8 Stick VMB Gas Panels

  • Engineered for the safe, efficient, and reliable handling of inert process gases
  • Compact designs reduce space requirements and make installation easy
  • Durable, top quality components help reduce maintenance requirements
  • UHP 4 and 8 stick configuration in a compact enclosure
  • Life Safety Controller with toxicity monitor, exhaust failure, fire sensor, remote shutdown, auxiliary alarm monitoring
  • Manual vent/purge with vacuum venturi vent module as standard
  • Each gas stick configured with regulator, EFS (Excess Flow Switch), filter, and pneumatic ESO (Emergency Shut Off) valve as standard
  • Provides manual operation with pneumatic ESO valve to meet requirements for hazardous gas applications

Customized VMB configurations are also available, designed to meet your flow rage, gas compatibility, and system requirements.

Request a quote on a VMB gas cabinet for your facility. Contact us to discuss your process gas handling, delivery, and distribution needs.

Additional Services

Our valve manifold box assemblies include onsite start-up, function testing, and training. Field service and support is available as needed. Performance Management (PM) programs are available for enhanced uptime and performance.