Easidew Sampler


The Easidew Sampler is a general purpose sampling system that allows easy measurement of the dew point in many compressed air and industrial gas applications.

The Easidew Sampler provides all the necessary components to allow a sample of gas under test to be conditioned for measurement either at atmospheric or full line pressure; the two most commonly demanded sampling conditions. Easidew Sampler provides fl ow and pressure regulation as well as an in-line particulate filter and the sensor housing, all in a single integrated block assembly. The system is provided with a multidirectional mounting bracket for easy mounting on a panel, post, or pipe brace.

Fast Response and High Integrity

Easidew Sampler is manufactured from a single, machined stainless steel block. This reduces the number of pipe joints required to get a sample under test to the sensor and also reduces internal volume and surface area. As a result, the sampling system has a faster response and higher integrity than similar systems built from discreet components. The integrated particulate filter provides further protection against solid contamination.

System Description

Easidew Sampler consists of following key components:

  • Connection Ports
  • Filter
  • Flow Control Valve

Connection Ports

The inlet and outlet tubing connections are available with either quick connect, push fi t type for 6mm O/D plastic (PTFE, FEP) tubing or Swagelok tube fittings for ¼” O/D plastic tubing. A 0.5m (19.6”) length of PTFE is supplied which should be used as a pig-tail from the outlet port, whether measuring in either the atmospheric or pressure mode.


A 99.5% 0.3 micron particulate filter cartridge is installed downstream of the gas inlet port, accessible via a filter cap with O-ring seal. Other filter cartridge ratings can be supplied to customer order.

Flow Control Valve

A flow control valve is factory installed to the outlet port. This valve is designed to set the optimum gas fl ow of 1 to 5 l/min (2 to 10 scfh) through the sensor sampling block.

Pressure Dew Point Measurements

The Easidew Sampler is factory assembled to make dew point measurements at full line pressure. This is achieved by controlling the gas flow at the outlet port.

The maximum operating pressure for the Easidew Sampler is 145 psig (high pressure option to 3000 psig is available). If desired, the block can be easily reconfigured to make atmospheric dew point measurements by transferring the fl ow control valve to the inlet port. Simply swap positions of the fl ow control valve and the gas pipe connection coupling installed at the inlet port. In this configuration, the fl ow valve regulates the gas pressure down to atmospheric before it reaches the sensor.


The mounting of the Easidew Sampler is very flexible using the factory installed mounting bracket. This bracket is easily removed and repositioned to provide a combination of mounting profiles. Alternatively the user may wish to directly mount the Easidew Sampler without the use of the bracket; for this purpose two threaded mounting holes are machined directly into the block.


Power Supply: 12-28 VDC
Pressure: 145 psig max (higher pressures available)
Flow Rate: 1-5 l/min (2-10 CFM)
Gas Connection: Fittings for ¼” (6mm) OD PTFE or FEP Tubing
Filter: 0.3 micron particulate