Proton Hydrogen Generators

Proton OnSite is the world leader in on-site gas generation. From small generators that run your GC to high output generators that will run your tomorrow, we produce the safest, most efficient, and most reliable gas systems on the planet. Our goal is to transform your world.

Our team has revolutionized the way Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology is used today. As recipients of the Marcum Tech Top 40 Award for Environmental & Energy Innovations, we are doing things with electrolysis that have never been done before. We make systems that can run your instrumentation without a touch of your hand or a worry on your mind. Your production success is our motivator.

Our air generators can produce clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free zero air. Their small footprint and consistent supply offer a steadfast solution to enhance any laboratory- and that’s just the beginning.

Whether your needs include ultrahigh purity or ultrahigh flow, our adaptable on-site nitrogen generators are equipped to handle all your lab demands.

Our gas generators meet the needs of any lab, big or small. Whether you need hydrogen, nitrogen, or zero air, our space-saving onsite generators offer a safer, more dependable gas supply for all your GC and LC-MS needs. Request a quote on the gas generator your application requires, or contact SilPac to learn more.

Get Better Results with Onsite Hydrogen Generation

Laboratory practitioners need a carrier gas they can count on. But supplies of helium, traditionally used as a gas chromatography (GC) carrier gas, are dwindling worldwide, forcing laboratories to pay more and risk a missed delivery of this increasingly scarce gas.

As such, many laboratories are looking for a more reliable and less expensive solution than helium. The only carrier gas that can offer higher reliability and lower cost—along with faster results—is hydrogen, made on-site. A hydrogen generator using a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer will safely and reliably produce an endless supply of ultra-pure hydrogen at a fraction of the cost of delivered helium.

  • Faster results with onsite hydrogen
  • Improved facility safety
  • One lab server to many lab systems
  • Purer gas for better results

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Advanced Hydrogen Generator Technology

Proton OnSite’s hydrogen generators utilize a platinum catalyst and our unique proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology separate deionized water into pure hydrogen and oxygen. Each generator produces ultrahigh purity (99.999+% pure) hydrogen gas at output pressures up to 435 psi (30 bar) and at a dew point of -85°F (-65°C).

Our compact hydrogen generators can be placed on the generator deck or any other indoor, non-classified plant area. A unique design allows the hydrogen generator to contain virtually no stored hydrogen—even when generating the gas at 1,146 scf/hr.—to meet the daily hydrogen requirements of power plants, no matter how large.

Our hydrogen generation systems provide reliable, low-cost hydrogen for generator cooling, giving power plant operators an attractive return on investment while improving site security, safety, and personnel productivity.

Why Choose Proton OnSite?

Proton OnSite has more than fifteen years of expertise in creating successful, high performance hydrogen generators. As the world’s largest supplier of hydrogen gas generators, this technology can be found on every continent in a variety of environments, from refueling stations and military bases to power plants and semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

Ongoing R&D and development efforts have resulted in reliable systems that have evolved from military and aerospace platforms to produce ultrapure hydrogen to support critical commercial missions. The expertise and experience that Proton OnSite brings to its hydrogen generators ultimately gives laboratory practitioners a carrier gas that’s pure, safe, inexpensive, and produced at the flick of a switch.

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