Low Pressure Gas Regulators

  • Tescom Low Pressure Regulator

In gas handling applications, low pressure can often be just as difficult to control as high pressure. Low pressure regulators are used to manage pressure levels under 3000 psi, sub-atmospheric pressure, and back pressure. Low pressure regulators and very low pressure regulators are popular for a wide range of applications, including: 

  • Product integrity testing
  • Fuel burner systems
  • Glove boxes
  • Tank nitrogen padding/blanketing
  • Tubing die extrusion control
  • and more

SilPac offers  low pressure regulators in a variety of configurations, including spring loaded pressure regulators, dome loaded pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, and self-venting regulators. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

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Low Pressure Regulators & Very Low Pressure Regulators

DH Series Low Pressure High Flow Regulator

Single-stage DH Series low pressure regulators provide high flow capacity (up to 200 SCFM/5663 SLPM) in a compact package. The DH line includes spring loaded pressure regulators and dome loaded pressure regulators, all of which feature a large diaphragm and a balanced main valve design that allow for a large usable flow range.

DH16 Series Low Pressure, High Flow Regulator

Specifically designed for use in nitrogen gas systems, DH16 Series low pressure regulators can accommodate flow rates up to 200 SCFM/5663 SLPM. Gylon® diaphragm material helps maintain gas purity and integrity. Available with welded sanitary, tubing, or VCR® connections to meet your system requirements.

44-2200 Series Pressure Regulator

Our compact, high purity 44-2200 Series pressure regulators include diffusion-resistant metal diaphragm seals that ensure gas purity and minimize inboard and outboard leakage. They are specially designed to minimize contamination and maintain accurate flow control of corrosive, noncorrosive, or toxic gases.

44-3200 Series  Pressure Regulator

Compact, high flow, high purity 44-3200 Series pressure regulators feature a true metal-to-metal diaphragm seal to minimize diffusion and maintain gas purity. Designed for specialty, flammable, and industrial gas flows up to 35 SCFM/1000 SLPM, these regulators include standard gauge ports and non-venting operation.

44-3400 Series Low Pressure Gas Regulator

These high purity, two-stage regulators provide a continuous, accurate outlet pressure, regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. Ideal for use with specialty, corrosive, and pyrophoric gases, 44-3400 Series low pressure gas regulators feature convoluted diaphragms that ensure greater accuracy and sensitivity.

44-4600 Series Low Pressure Gas Regulator

Designed for superior sensitivity in low pressure and sub-atmospheric applications, 44-4600 pressure regulators feature single-stage operation for specialty, flammable, and industrial gas systems. Available in air loaded or dome loaded pressure regulator models, they feature metal-to-metal sealed diaphragms for enhanced gas purity and leak integrity.

44-5200 Series Pressure Gas Regulator

These compact, piston-sensed 44-5200 Series low pressure regulators are designed for heavy cycle duty applications, and engineered for high reliability and long service life. An adjustable stop limits maximum outlet pressure. Venting or air load are optional. These gas regulators are especially effective when paired with the  ER5000 electro pneumatic controller or dome load applications.

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