High Pressure Gas Regulators

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High pressure regulators are designed to control gas systems and reduce pressure to usable levels. SilPac offers these high flow gas regulators in a variety of configurations and with a variety of outlet pressure ranges. Options include back pressure regulators, spring loaded pressure regulators, dome loaded regulators, venting regulators, and self-venting regulators.

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Gas Pressure Regulators

BB-1 Series Pressure Regulator

These miniature, low flow/high pressure regulators provide 6 outlet pressure ranges up to 1800 psig/124 bar. Ideal for use on portable equipment, BB-1 Series regulators feature a durable, piston-sensed design and a field-adjustable outlet pressure range. Aluminum or stainless steel construction is available; both options offer high strength and excellent corrosion resistance in any application.

26-1000 Series High Pressure Regulator

Designed to control pressures up to 10,000 psig/690 bar, 26-1000 Series regulators feature standard venting for decreased outlet pressure and safe operation. Interchangeable springs and sensors offer outstanding versatility for a broad range of applications. An unbalanced stem provides positive shutoff. These high flow gas regulators deliver excellent sensitivity across a wide range of pressure settings.

26-2000 Series Venting High Pressure Regulator

The 26-2000 Series pressure regulator features segregated captured venting, and is available in dome, spring, and air load models. They are designed to accommodate inlet pressure as high as 15,000 psig/1034 bar. Metal-to-metal seating or soft seating options are available; soft seat models include standard 40 micron internal filter for extended service life. These pressure regulators are the ideal complement to the  ER5000 electro pneumatic controller.

44-1100 Series High Pressure Regulator

With a piston-sensed design and a low torque setting, 44-1100 Series regulators can control gas flow pressures up to 10,000 psig/690 bar. They are engineered for excellent sensitivity across a wide range of pressure settings. A removable valve assembly module makes maintenance fast and easy, and an unbalanced stem assists in positive shutoff. Inlet and outlet gauge ports are standard.

44-1300 Series High Flow, High Pressure Regulator

44-1300 Series high flow gas regulators are available in dome and air load models, both of which feature a balanced design for stable downstream pressure. A large piston sensor provides outstanding sensitivity, while an easy-to-use hand knob offers fast low-torque pressure settings. Optional gauge ports and flanged end connections are available to meet your needs.

44-2200 Series Pressure Regulator

Compact and lightweight, the 44-2200 Series high purity gas regulators feature a diffusion-resistant metal diaphragm seal for enhanced gas purity and reduced inboard and outboard leakage. These regulators are engineered to minimize contamination and provide accurate control of any corrosive, noncorrosive, or toxic gas. A convoluted diaphragm design improves accuracy and extends the regulator’s working life.

44-3400 Series Dual Stage Pressure Regulator

These high purity gas regulators feature a compact, lightweight design, with a diffusion-resistant metal-to-metal diaphragm seal that ensures gas purity and integrity. 44-3400 Series pressure regulators provide a continuous, accurate outlet pressure, regardless of inlet pressure changes. Designed for use with specialty, corrosive, and pyrophoric gases. 

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