Electronic Pressure Regulators

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ER5000 electro pneumatic regulator features a microprocessor-based PID (proportional, integral, derivative) controller that provides precise algorithmic pressure control. The ER5000 can be used on its own to control the pressure of inert gases from 0 to 100 psig (0-6.9 bar). Or, this device can be connected to any pneumatically-actuated regulator. When paired with a regulator, the ER5000 offers pressure control for gases and liquids from vacuum up to 30,000 psig (2,068 bar). The ER5000 provides for true closed-loop control with exceptional accuracy and response time.

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Versatile Pressure Regulation Capabilities

The ER5000 electro pneumatic regulator can be controlled via any PC with a direct USB or RS485 connection. It also accommodates analog setpoint signals from 4-20 mA, 1-5V, or 0-10V analog sources. This pressure control device can be wired to accept multiple I/O configurations, as well as daisychaining of up to 32 controllers using the same RS485 network.

ER5000 electro pneumatic regulators sense pressure using internal sensors or external transducers placed within the actual process line. These units can be operated in one of three control modes: internal feedback (using only the internal sensor); external feedback (using only the external source); or cascade, which uses internal and external sources to create a “loop within a loop.”

ERTune™ software (included) provides a user-friendly interface through which the device’s performance can be customized by tuning the proportional, integral, and derivative values.

The ER5000 electro pneumatic regulator installs quickly and provides dependability, flexibility, and high precision pressure control in any industry or application.

How Does Electronic Pressure Control Work?

The ER5000 electro pneumatic regulator converts electronic signals into pneumatic output that alters output pressure to match the input signal. The ER5000’s onboard microprocessor receives a signal from a pressure transmitter located at its outlet, compares that signal to the command signal, and adjusts the pilot pressure to the desired level. This pressure adjustment includes compensation for any fluctuations in temperature, flow, or other process disturbances. The ER5000 can also provide an electronic signal for monitoring, data acquisition, and/or other related applications.

When used as a standalone unit, the ER5000 pressure control system provides closed-loop accuracy within 0.1%. When used with a pneumatically-controlled pressure regulator, the overall accuracy is dependent on a number of factors, including hysteresis of the regulator, sticking effects of O-rings, work environment, etc. The exact accuracy can be hard to determine, but, in generally, consistent pressure control within 0.25% is achievable.

Applications for ER5000 Electro Pneumatic Regulator Systems

The ER5000 is a very versatile pressure control device. Any process variable that can be manipulated via a pneumatic output can be controlled with this system. Because it implements control directly at the control element (valve or regulator), it improves both the speed and accuracy of the process. Common applications include controlling pressure, flow, acceleration, consistency, force, position, speed, temperature, or torque.

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