½” Point of Use Gas Regulators

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1/2” point of use regulators are designed to handle high flow with constant supply from bulk or house delivery systems. Half inch point of use regulators are typically used with process tools, gas sticks, valve manifold boxes, and facility tool hookups. These pressure regulators ensure a constant, stable outlet pressure regardless of input pressure fluctuations.

SilPac stocks a number of 1/2” point of use regulator models. We have the right solution for your gas flow system needs. View our inventory below to find the pressure regulator you need, or use the filters to narrow your search results. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications. We also offer 1/4” point of use regulators.

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Half Inch Point of Use Regulators

44-3200 Series Single Stage Pressure Regulator

 44-3200 Series single-stage, high purity regulators are compact, high flow solutions for specialty, flammable, and industrial gas flows up to 5-50 SCFM/141-1415 SLPM. Designed for use with laboratory and point of use gas systems, laser assist and resonator gases, glove box, and resonators, these pressure regulators maintain gas purity via diffusion-resistant metal-to-metal diaphragm seals. Gauge ports and non-venting are standard.

44-3200 Series models available from SilPac: 44-3213H283-609 , 44-3263H283-609

64-5400 Series Electropolished Pressure Regulator

These compact, hand-loaded, pressure reducing high purity regulators feature 316 stainless steel construction, with 10 Ra electropolished surface finish and Hastelloy diaphragms for superior durability and cleanliness. 64-5400 Series point of use regulators can accommodate high flow up to Cv = 1.0, inlet pressure up to 600 psig/41.4 bar, and outlet pressure as high as 150 psig/10.3 bar. Ideal for use in bulk specialty gas systems (BSGS), point of use tool hookups.

64-5400 Series models available from SilPac: 64-5443KSV10, 64-5443KRL15, 64-5443KRL16

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