Electronic Pressure Regulators

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Our regulators that are electropneumatic pressure regulators maintain the pressure set point in gas delivery systems, regardless of output fluctuations. These pneumatic regulators, also called pressure-reducing valves, are used when precise pressure control has a critical effect on an outcome. They allow for the automated, centralized control of pressure for production machinery, test benches or any application requiring multiple set points or system defaults, even if the location of the regulator is inaccessible.


The ER5000 is an electronic gas pressure regulator that can be used as a standalone device to control pressure for inert gases from 0 to 100 psig (0-6.9 bar). Electronic regulators can also be connected to any dome/air loader air actuated regulator for pressure control for gases and liquids from vacuum up to 30,000 psig (2,068 bar).

It features a microprocessor-based PID controller (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) that provides precise algorithmic pressure control. The ER5000 electronic pressure regulator allows for true closed-loop control, with exceptional accuracy and response time.

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How Does an Electronic Gas Pressure Regulator Work?

ER5000 electropneumatic pressure regulators sense pressure using internal sensors or external transducers placed within the actual process line. These sensors monitor output pressure and adjust the timing of internal servo valves to maintain the pressure set-point.

Using command signals, the regulator is able to detect the need for more pressure, triggering a shift in a regulator valve that exposes the outlet to more incoming pressure. If lower pressure is needed, the valve shifts again to decrease the incoming pressure.

These units operate in one of three control modes: internal feedback (using only the internal sensor); external feedback (using only the external source); or cascade, which uses internal and external sources to create a “loop within a loop.” This double-loop capability allows electronic regulators to manage higher flow rates at their outlets than would be possible with single-stage control.

Choosing an Electropneumatic Pressure Regulator

When choosing an electronic pressure regulator, there are a few elements you should consider. When choosing the regulator that it will be controlling They include:

1. Materials

Regulators are made in a variety of materials to suit different applications and work environments. Some common materials used in regulators are brass, plastic, and aluminum, as well as stainless steel. Each material comes with its own benefits; aluminum, for example, is lightweight, while plastic is low cost.

2. Size

Matching pipe size to your regulator size is important because some regulators are not available in select pipe sizes. Consider the minimum and maximum flow for the regulator, and how much space will be available for it. Do you have any size constraints? Weight becomes a factor depending on the chosen material.  

3. Environmental Factors

The materials you choose for your pressure regulator need to be compatible with the fluids used and the temperature of the regulator’s environment. If the fluid is flammable or hazardous in any way, a relieving regulator that will vent excess liquids would be necessary. Similarly, the regulator needs to be able to function properly in the temperature range it will be operating in.

4. Special Features

Depending on your application, you may want to consider adding accessories or features to your electropneumatic pressure regulator assembly. Consider the adjustment styles and mounting options that will best fit your needs. You may want panel mounting, remote control, class 1 Div 2 for explosive environments.

Highly Versatile Electronic Gas Pressure Regulator

ER5000 electronic regulators can be controlled using any PC with a direct USB or RS485 connection. These devices also accommodate analog setpoint signals from 4-20 mA, 1-5V, or 0-10V analog sources. They can be wired to accept multiple I/O configurations, as well as for daisy-chaining of up to 32 controllers using the same RS485 network.

ERTune™ software (included) provides a user-friendly interface through which the electronic regulator’s performance can be customized by tuning the proportional, integral, and derivative values.

The ER5000 electropneumatic pressure regulator is easy to install and provides dependability, flexibility, and high precision performance in any industry or application. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

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