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A complete sampling system, with filtration and fl ow control, for measurement of either pressure or atmospheric dew points, designed for use with Michell’s hygrometer series of products.

ES10 Sampling System


To ensure accurate and stable moisture measurement, it is important that the hygrometer is exposed to a representative sample of the gas to be monitored. This sample should be free of contaminants, at the correct pressure and at a fl ow rate that ensures fast response to changing conditions.

The ES10 sampling systems are an economic method of mounting any of the Michell Instruments impedance dew point transmitters and providing the necessary filtration, pressure and fl ow control. In applications as diverse as compressed air, medical gas or process control, the ES10 sampling systems can be specified to exactly meet the requirements of the customer and the dew point instrument.


The ES10 can be supplied with either particulate or coalescing filters. If there is no danger of the sample gas containing liquids, then a simple particulate filter with glass borosilicate element can provide protection to 99.5 % 0.3 micron levels. If liquids are possible or even likely, then a coalescing filter with an adjustable drain flow can be specified.

Measurement Pressure

Different applications and different specifications call for the dew point to be measured at either system pressure or at atmospheric pressure. The ES10 can be easily specified to provide dew point measurement at either of these pressures up to a maximum system pressure of 10 Barg (145 psi).

For higher pressure, please contact Michell Instruments.

Flow Control

The ES10 sampling systems contain as standard a fl ow meter and metering valve. This allows the user to set the sample fl ow through the system to the optimum level of between 1 and 5 litres per minute (2.1 and 10.5 scfh).


The ES10 can be supplied mounted on a plate and within either 304 stainless steel or GRP enclosures depending on the demands of the application. Additionally the Easidew display can be mounted within the system or remotely.

Additional Components

While every effort has been made to ensure that ES10 covers as many application requirements as possible, there will always be customers who have unusual or unforeseen requirements, and of course the customer is always right!

Therefore a number of additional components can be added including pumps and solenoid valves.

System Design

Michell Instruments have over 25 years experience of design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of sampling systems used with moisture and dew point measurement instrumentation. Michell Instruments Systems Engineering department have the necessary expertise to provide sampling systems that take into consideration any non-standard requirements, or extreme conditions that the customers application might require.


Configuation: Atmospheric or line pressure dew-point measurement
Pressure Range: 145 psig max
Flow Rate: 1-10 l/min (2-20 CFH)
Filtration: Particulate or coalescing
Range: -100 to +20°C dew point (-148 to +68°F)