Dew Point Transmitters

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All Michell Instruments products in this group use the Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor. This sensor is based on the dielectric property of water molecules adsorbing onto an active porous insulating layer sandwiched between two layers of conductive material deposited on a ceramic substrate. Water has a very high dielectric compared to the dielectric of the active layer and the background of the carrier gas so it can be detected easily. The active layer is very thin – less than one micron and the porous top conductor that allows water molecules to penetrate into the active layer is less than 0.1 micron thick. This allows the sensor to respond very rapidly to changes in the moisture surrounding it both when moisture decreases (drying) and increases in the sensor environment.

Special Features

  • Low Cost – Michell’s Easidew group of hygrometers is one of the most affordable, high performance products on the market.
  • Speed – Ceramic sensors provide the fastest response speed.
  • Resilience – Ceramic sensors are very rugged and offer excellent corrosion resistance as well as being highly resistant to sudden pressure shock.
  • Safety – Michell’s Impedance group includes approved intrinsically safe versions of each instrument.
  • Calibration – All Michell’s products are supplied complete with calibration certificates traceable to National Standards ensuring accurate and stable measurements.
  • No downtime – Michell Instruments offers a unique sensor exchange program that means you will never need to be without fast and accurate humidity measurements.