Cypress Envirosystems™ Wireless Pressure Gauge Readers

Cypress Envirosystems™ wireless technology, applies leading edge noninvasive instrumentation products to legacy sites to allow for easy retro fit interface to existing building or plant automation systems. Cypress wireless gauge/transducer readers (WGR, WTR) cost a fraction of the time and money that would be needed to install new components. This technology does not require the removal of the existing components exposing the media to atmosphere. No interruptions of underlying process just clamp it on to an existing gauge, transducer, or scale and in minutes; wirelessly acquire your readings on existing data acquisition and control systems.

To manage the challenges of the specialty gas industry, Cypress Envirosystems™ innovative technology allows for the wireless gauge reader/transducer, to utilize optical character recognition with Wi-Fi technology, to interface with web based or Facilities Management Systems (FMS).