XZR400TS Trace Oxygen Analyzer

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The XZR400TS touch-screen oxygen analyzer detects trace oxygen in gas and is used to control the purity of gases such as nitrogen, argon, helium and carbon dioxide. It is available in wall-mountable and rack-mountable versions, both suited to a range of applications.

Michell XZR400TS

Clean Gas Analyzers
MSRS Technology

The MSRS (Metallic Sealed Reference Sensor) technology was developed from a sensor originally designed for ultra harsh applications in volcanoes. The miniature design with the fast speed of response and long life-time makes it the instrument of choice for oxygen measurement in a range of applications such as industrial gas purity.

The MSRS responds quickly, within seconds, for a 90% step change. It is based on a metallic sealed reference which not only shows superior performance over other sensors on the market, but also makes the MSRS resistant to pollution and virtually drift-free, reducing the need for calibration.

In field tests, the drift is less than 140 ppb in one month for concentrations of oxygen at 1 ppm, compared to other sensors which required weekly calibration.

The XZR400TS series from Michell Instruments is designed to detect trace oxygen in clean gases, such as nitrogen, argon, helium and carbon dioxide, to monitor their purity both in production and when used in processes.

The XZR400TS detects trace amounts of oxygen very rapidly. It is an ideal instrument for detecting leaks and reacting quickly to avoid costly contamination of the pure product.

Highlights and Benefits

Fast Response Time

Due to its miniature size and unique design the MSRS Technology-based sensor of the XZR400TS responds to input changes in less than 11 seconds.

Simple and Easy Operation

The intuitive touch screen offers two operation levels with basic mode for daily work and an expert mode that can only be entered by authorized personnel with an access code preventing accidental or unauthorized operation. The operation follows the NAMUR recommendation.

Low Maintenance and Cost of Ownership

MSRS technology-based sensors have an extremely long life expectation and are very easy to calibrate using dry air, for example. For more simplicity, Michell offers optional Auto Calibration in addition to a choice of calibration kits. Due to the extraordinary sensor stability no weekly or monthly calibration is needed.

Michell recommends performing the calibration as little as once or twice a year allowing for significant cost savings.

No Need for Instrument Air

MSRS Technology based sensors do not require reference air to be connected to the reference side of the sensor. The analyzer can be calibrated using just dry air as a calibration gas.

High accuracy with built-in pressure compensation Pressure has a signifi cant infl uence on measurements. The XZR400 maintains high accuracy of less than 2% of reading across the full range due to the built-in atmospheric pressure compensation. System pressure infl uence can be compensated via the external pressure sensor input.

Minimal Sample Requirements

Due to the size and construction of the cell, only 2 l/hr sample is required – as opposed to other units requiring up to 1 l/min.

Highly Stable and Drift Free

All miniature MSRS technology-based sensors are resistant to pollution and operate virtually drift free. This positively impacts on both the maintenance and calibration costs.

Multiple Outputs

The XZR400RM offers two 4-20 mA outputs and RS485 Modbus communication as standard. An RS232 and fl ow alarm contact are available as options.

The wall mount is supplied with a single 4-20 mA as standard. It can also be supplied with a second 4-20 mA, RS232 or RS485 output plus a flow alarm.

With the second analog output an Autoranging option is available.